Bridge an eyesore

WITH the question of the possible construction of the Fishbourne Road East bridge once more raising its head, I felt I had to ask ‘why?’

Why is it necessary to spend £1.5m on a monstrosity to ‘uglify’ the area? Go and have a look at the bridge that goes from the back of Kingsham Avenue to Stirling Road if you want to see what I mean.

Why can we not have an automatic sliding gate (like the doors on certain shops) which would ‘see’ people coming and slide open to let people cross, but stay locked if a train were due to arrive. The red and green lights could be kept of course, all this controlled by the signal box in the same way as the level crossings are.

I’m sure this wouldn’t cost £1.5m and would be so easy and safe to use. The thought of having to slog over a bridge with a bike, a pushchair, a wheelchair or a full shopping trolley is exhausting, especially as people get older! Please can this bridge not be built? Can we not find a discreet, yet safe, solution, ie a sliding gate?!

Bridget Stap

Godwin Way,