Broken promises

New year resolutions often die after the first few weeks and so do the promises made about the new Observer!

We were promised two whole pages of letters.

What do we get last week?

Why, only half a page.

I racked my head for something controversial to write but nothing appeared.

I am constantly meeting people who do not like the new format.

Apart from its new unwieldy size, over-weight and tendency to fall apart, it is a mess of adverts, features and news.

Why can’t the news all be together at the start?

These same people tell me they will stop taking the paper if it does not improve.

I find the only way to read the new format is to staple it together before I start to read it.

The only other paper I read is the Church Times, also in the same format but only 30-odd pages and so much easier to manage, and it also has the internal arrangement as I have suggested: news first, features next.

To preserve readership I believe you must go back to separate sections even if it costs more to produce!

I am trying to be critical as well as constructive: remember my journalistic background, it’s in the blood.

John Collins

Exeter Road