Bus passes may help

HAS anyone considered issuing a small number of bus passes to St Joseph’s clients to get them from the city to their refuge, valid say between 4pm-7pm in the dark winter months.

This like my previous suggestion of a temporary permissive footpath from the Stockbridge footbridge to Whyke roundabout would be a very low-cost solution and hopefully stop the carnage on the A27.

Given the council and highways department’s track record of dealing with the constant flooding on the bypass, don’t expect any solutions soon.

Isn’t it time the faceless bigwigs who have the power to take decisive, inexpensive, remedial action do something positive?

It would also be a great idea if the Observer, which is giving good coverage to the problems, were to take up a more crusading role in the issues which blight the A27 bypass, by inviting the public officers concerned to tell the people they serve, what prompt solutions they will put into effect, if any!

Brian Fitch

North Mundham