Buses must stay

I WAS very interested to read an article in the Chichester Observer about the success of both West Sussex County Council and Hampshire County Council acquiring £6.26m between them.

Significant funding to encourage more sustainable travel around

the county.

Westbourne and Southbourne right on the edge of West Sussex and, having Emsworth, Hampshire addresses are losing the No 11 bus that travels around the villages to Chichester and back.

Surely one of these counties could carry on funding the bus, Westbourne in particular has very few buses anyway. Elderly people use the 11 to get to their surgery from the Montes Hill and Common Side areas, and for hospital appointments etc in Chichester.

Chichester will not benefit either from the people who use the bus to shop there. I myself use the bus to travel to Westbourne for exercise class and club afternoons and have difficulty now getting back to Southbourne.

Luckily I am able to walk home or get a taxi in bad weather, but many elderly people in this area cannot. Please think again and keep this bus going, a free bus pass is no use without buses.

RE Simmons

Glenwood Road,