Bye to Bonmarche

WHAT WILL there be in Chichester now to warrant me to come and shop there? I say this because of the loss of Bonmarche, one of the best shops in Chichester.

I called in to wish the staff good luck and I left the shop in tears, I felt so sad. The staff have always treated me with politeness and courtesy and I loved their clothes.

I know I will miss the choice and quality of their products. I wish it wasn’t closing, but it is a sign of the troubled times.

But of course, it’s not just Bonmarche; two others in South Street and a prominent shop in North Street have closed.

Perhaps the Chichester District Council should consider doing something to encourage people to shop in Chichester, not increase car parking charges. As far as I am concerned, I will not be coming to Chichester like I used to. There is no point.

Goodbye Bonmarche, you will be sadly missed.

Mrs R Ticehurst

Black Boy Lane,