Campaign on their behalf

As a member of Compassion in World Farming I have campaigned on their behalf on several occasions, battery cages for poultry, calf crates for veal and sow stalls.

The cause that grieves me most is the transportation of live animals across Europe and the world by the lorry and the shipload. Beasts are often denied adequate food, water and rest.

Death and injury is frequent amongst these animals.

In recent television programmes, the point has been made that several major firms have equipment contaminated with horse DNA.

It does not matter how small the amount of horse flesh is, it should not be there at all.

In this country, it is the duty of the district council to enforce the law.

I personally believe the law should be altered and brought in line with that of Norway – a country where all animals are slaughtered, butchered, frozen (and labelled?) on the farms where they have been reared.

Such a practice would obviate many of the shortfalls of current procedures in this country.

Possible savings in not transporting live animals would be considerable.

Edwin J Wrigley

Golf Links Lane