Can I hire Priory Park for a fiver?

Priory Park. Google Maps. PPP-181030-102525003
Priory Park. Google Maps. PPP-181030-102525003

Now we know the rate for hiring Priory Park from Chichester District Council for the ice rink was £1 I would like to hire the park for a year for a fiver in order to run an event for families and the people of Chichester.

They will be able to sit and play, picnic or go to the café and junior Parkrun can continue on Sunday mornings.

There will be no marquees, no noise, no infrastructure, no late nights nor the need for lots of noise monitoring by environmental health or CDC having to deal with angry emails from local residents. There will be no lights left on overnight nor any lack of security and no early morning deliveries. The grass will be undamaged. There will also be no need to cancel or reimburse happy couples using the guildhall.

Marcia Knight, St Martin’s Square, Chichester