Canal now looks like a wasteland

After reading the article on how the residents of Hunston are so angry with the way the Canal Society have ruined and reduced the towpath and surrounding bank-side to a wasteland of mud, you can’t cut dozens of trees down that kept the path from being deluged by the water from the surrounding fields and rain.

And if that’s not bad enough, they then ran a cutting machine along the path with caterpillar tracks on it on the wettest day possible – and took no notice whatsoever of the concerns of the good folk who use the path day in, day out.

I was also amazed at the lame duck excuse the path needed a £40,000 donation from the local council – this is not on, as the Canal Society spent thousands on the path a couple of years ago, planted lots of new types of ground plants, and widened it. Then, as some of the plants grew, they decided to weedkiller the path and cut more of the trees down, so that caused the bank to be unstable with no roots to hold it together.

The bank has gone from bad to worse and I’ve just seen these volunteers still cutting the trees down. The point was made that these volunteers were the only way to get the canal sorted, but it would have been nice if there was training on the staff policy.

It is so sad to see our once-fine canal now looking like a wasteland and getting more ruined by the day. Instead of cutting down everything that grows, why not clear the canal of hundreds of dead branches that litter the bottom of the canal, and get volunteers the right training so all their hard work is used to the benefit of the canal, not to its destruction?

Bill Phillips

Westlands Road