Cars not checked

AT 3PM on August 9, I was at East Beach car park, Selsey. This has recently become a pay and display car park. Each car is supposed to have a ticket displayed showing the registration and time of arrival.

I saw a Chichester District Council parking enforcement van containing two uniformed females drive into the car park. I presumed they were there to check that the parked vehicles had tickets.

They parked in the middle of the car park, turned on the vehicle’s hazard lights, waited for approximately five seconds, turned off the lights and drove away. There were 26 parked cars.

Why have CDC gone to the expense of installing obviously expensive ticket machines, paying the wages of two staff, and purchasing a vehicle to enable them to drive to rural car parks, when the parked cars were not being checked?

It would be interesting to see what the initial outlay was when turning these rural car parks into pay and display and what the returns have been.

John Dexter,

Albion Road,