Cat missing again

MY GINGER cat went missing on August 4 and was taken to a local vet as a stray on September 2.

We were very grateful to the person who took the trouble to take her to the vets.

She was a bit the worse for wear after a month on the run, but otherwise she was okay.

We kept her in for six weeks as we were worried she may go again.

Unfortunately we started letting her out and on October 27 she did a disappearing act again.

It was raining heavily as it was the first time she went missing.

I believe she gets disorientated in very heavy rain and that’s why she has gone again.

Please if anyone has seen her could they take her to the vets so she can come home again.

Last time she was found wandering near St Richard’s Hospital grounds.

Mrs K Proudley

Maplehurst Road, Summersdale