Charge is better than no toilets at all

EARLIER this year I wrote to several councillors and our local MP on the planned closure of the loo facility in East Pallant Car Park (which went ahead in April) but was met with the constant argument of the cost of keeping them maintained and the avoidance of vandalism, so closure was inevitable.

At that time a charge would not be contemplated as this in itself would require costs to monitor and the collection of the money plus the increased risk of vandalism.

I pointed out the difficulty that an elderly person – who might be on diuretics and is not very quick at movement – has getting to a toilet that might be located some distance away.

I was then informed there is a toilet within the East Pallant council building – this is hardly sufficient to accommodate the likely numbers using the car park.

On visiting Bognor recently I discover the Marine Gardens toilets are now also closed – yet another area that will now no longer be visited and where regular exercise was taken.

As much as I am aggrieved at the prospect of paying 20p, that is better than no facilities and not able to go out.

Gillian Evans

Plainwood Close, Chichester