Chichester wants to be itself

I have to agree with those who are dissatisfied with the museum, while at the same time admitting I have not been inside.

Nobody’s knocking it for knocking its sake, and the building might be attractive (that’s a matter of personal taste) housing many interesting things, but from what I understand there is too little on show, and the entry fee is far too much.

Little London was small and overcrowded, but the higgledy-piggledy organised chaos was a huge part of its charm.

I often went in and took groups of French children who loved it as it was such a treasure trove.

This is not South Kensington, this is Chichester and it upsets me to think that the powers-that-be hold the city in such little regard that anything remotely old or untidy or that just doesn’t fit the image they have of good old Chi can be swept away: the museum, the Butter Market (what a travesty/bad joke that is!) and now maybe even Little London itself.

They seem to be missing the point that Chichester wants to be itself, not a pretentious, out-of-character imitation.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but that no longer seems to carry any weight.


Bridget Stap

Godwin Way