Choice of bishop ‘cruel blow to women’

THE forthcoming ordination of Dr Martin Warner as Bishop of Chichester is unpalatable for the majority of worshipping Anglicans.

The timing of his appointment just before the C of E final vote on the ordination of women bishops is an insult and the rudest of digit gestures to that long-obstructed democratic process.

Dr Warner’s selection is cruel because it hurts the wonderful women priests and members who form the larger part of the Body of Christ which Anglicans call the Established C of E.

Those, whoever they are, who sanctioned his appointment must have known the grief it would cause Chichester Anglicans.

This defiant act of ‘traditionalist’ dissent within the ‘Body’ is continually driving nails and spears into the soul of Christ.

Such traditionalist bishops and clergy and their followers have been given the opportunity of defecting with dignity to the Roman Catholic Church on advantageous terms.

Those who have not accepted that invitation should not be allowed to continue their restrictive practices sabotage of the Established C of E organisation.

If the forthcoming vote for the ordination of women to higher positions is yes then, if the new Bishop of Chichester or any other in England, ever refuses to implement the will of the majority then they should be dismissed for gross negligence of duty and the breaking of their oath to the Queen as the Governor of the Established C of E.

Ronald Rodger Caseby

Lincoln Green, Chichester