City council should tackle A-boards

A-boards are inconvenient to pedestrians and hazardous to partly-sighted people.

They are also illegal. So why are they tolerated?

All that needs to happen is for a lorry to drive round and remove them. And not just in the city centre – they have spread as far as Summersdale.

In addition, there could be a case for a licencing system for some premises not in the main streets.

A hefty annual licence fee, as suggested some months ago by a city councillor, could be charged.

A few licences at £500 or £1,000 per year should provide enough funding to cover the costs of enforcement.

Clearly, the county and district councils are not doing their job efficiently.

The time has come for the city council to take over these tasks which ought to be controlled by and for the residents of the city.

Come on city council, stop fretting about possible increased costs, take over the responsibility from the other councils and let’s get the streets tidied up.

Brian Hopkins,

Highland Road, Chichester