City faces prospect of losing character as small shops disappear

I was most dismayed to read the article which suggests Little London Walk in Chichester may be replaced by one large store.

I appreciate maybe there are not enough buying customers allowing these small individual shops to survive in these difficult times, but I would be extremely sorry to see them disappear.

They do add character to our lovely city and this is one of the attractions. However, if this must happen, surely the last thing Chichester needs is a shop such as TK Maxx.

What we need to see is a more upmarket store which will be more suitable for both local residents and visitors alike to complement the character of the city.

Perhaps the ideal company to take over this spot, if it does have to happen, is a John Lewis department store which will give many locals what we have been missing: a good comprehensive department store.

Many people were overjoyed to hear John Lewis were coming to Chichester, however a little disappointed to discover it was just a Home store. Its success has surely proved this is the type of store that we want, and need, in the area. As Marks and Spencers have two stores in Chichester, is it too much to invite John Lewis to consider this option?

Please let Chichester retain its character and not let the standards fall away and turn it into a down-market destination like so many other places. Chichester has so much going for it, let us keep it special.

Jayne Ivimy