Clean up, dog lovers

YOUR reporter Greg Miles quoted me a few weeks ago with reference to discussions Bosham Parish Council are having with residents about dog control orders.

Followers of these pages may know that on a personal level I am a vociferous opponent of such orders.

Anyone who has known me for more than a few minutes will be aware I am an old-fashioned sort of a chap and a great believer in self responsibility.

We live in a wonderful corner of England with a relatively-educated (or so I thought) population and to my mind, cleaning up after your canine chum should be as natural as putting one foot in front of the other when taking it for a walk.

There seems little or no point in wasting the resources of CDC on orders, signage and erratic enforcement when all that is needed is the handful of offenders to ‘do the right thing’.

I am blessed with quite excellent night vision and may just spend some time in the area at dog walking times. If you know someone who is a persistent offender please do let me know.

Jonathan Fulford


West Sussex