Closure is ‘evil’

I am disgusted with Chichester District Council’s decision to close the Grange Centre in Midhurst before the new one is built.

They don’t care a hoot about the people of Midhurst and to close it just before Christmas next year is pure evil.

The people who have stalls at the monthly market and indoor car boot all hope to do well before Christmas and now this isn’t going to happen.

I am one of the stallholders at both these events and raise money for charity so this will be a huge loss to me.

We were all led to believe the Grange would stay open until the new Grange is built but obviously this was a pack of lies.

Also, when it closes there will be no toilets this end of Midhurst.

When the new Grange is built, will all the markets still continue?

They bring a lot of income to the centre and mean a lot to the stallholders and the public.

So please, please Chichester District Council, do the decent thing and let the Grange stay open until the new one is built.

Priscilla Ayling

Pitsham Wood