Come on, Andrew...

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WHAT LEVEL of service should we expect from our MP?

I ask because I had occasion to write to Andrew Tyrie MP on a matter of concern to my family.

The letter was posted on March 1. Some four-and-a-half weeks later, having had no reply or acknowledgement, I rang Mr Tyrie’s office in Westminster and spoke to his assistant.

She could not immediately trace the letter, but assured me she would track it down and get off a reply forthwith.

I left my phone number, in case there was a further problem. Two more weeks went by. Nothing.

I rang again and this time had to leave a message on an answer machine.

It is now seven weeks since I wrote and posted the letter.

I still have no advice or opinion from Mr Tyrie and frankly this level of service from a public servant is unacceptable.

Any respectable business would say five working days to reply to a letter – some would say 48 hours.

When days turn into weeks and months, I can only feel insulted.

It may be that the hysteria over MPs’ expenses has led them to cut their staff to the bone, but if so it seems a false economy that renders them unable to perform the basic duties to their constituents.

Gordon Williams,

Mill Lane,