Congratulations to the courageous councillors who voted against housing plans at Bracklesham (Observer, February 7).

But there are even greater threats to come.

The district council will soon be publishing ‘preferred options’ for its local plan.

Unless councillors act now, this plan will propose many thousands of unneeded and unsustainable homes throughout the district.

Most of this is to satisfy market demand, rather than as affordable housing for local people.

If approved, it will lead to the loss of cherished countryside; damage irretrievably the character of Chichester and local villages; create more pressure on our already overloaded roads, sewers and other infrastructure; and reduce the quality of life for all in the district.

The time has come for our councillors to unite against unsustainable housing numbers for Chichester and reject the excessive development proposed.

Chris Cousins


Parklands Residents’ Association