Correct certain misrepresentations

WHILE my colleagues and I are grateful for the publicity given to our new political party, Patria (Observer, January 17), I must correct certain misrepresentations within the brief report.

Patria will repatriate all foreign criminals, illegal immigrants, overstayers and failed and bogus asylum seekers.

It is not the policy of Patria to repatriate ‘non-British residents’ en bloc, as your article wrongly implied, though we will develop and promote a scheme of financially-assisted voluntary repatriation for British citizens who wish to return to their country of ethnic origin.

Furthermore, Patria is not ‘far right’.

The immigration issue is one which transcends the conventional left-right political divide.

It is the most fundamental question of all: are the English people to remain a majority in our country, or are we to see ourselves reduced to a minority, as in London, Slough, Luton and Leicester?

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Dr Andrew Emerson