Cost of free parking

I HAVE listened and read the reasons and arguments for imposing Sunday parking charges in Chichester. It will raise money. Chichester District Council estimates it will receive £180,000 gross but after the cost of enforcement, the result will be in the region of £158,000 per annum by imposing Sunday parking.

Apparently, certain council workers at all levels receive free parking as well as the normal mileage allowances if they have to use their car to carry out their duty. In fact each weekday, 154 spaces are unavailable to sell to the public, even when the council worker is away in their car.

As far as I can calculate (and please check my arithmetic) 154 spaces x five days per week x 50 weeks per year = 38,500, times the ‘over five hours charge’ rate could be generating revenue at the following amounts:-

Short-stay car park at a rate of £11.30 per day = £435,050 per annum

Long-stay car park at a rate of £4 per day = £154,000 per annum.

However, this assumes they would all be sold at the ‘over five hours charge’ but in fact, much of the time many would be selling at the hourly rate which brings in much more revenue.

CDC seem to be justifying the parking charges on Sunday because it is estimated that it might raise £158,000 net. When you compare this figure to the amount actually being lost to the taxpayer by giving free parking, it seems that if the freebies were stopped, there would be no need to charge on Sundays.

Would it not be better to keep Sunday parking free in the city so that local traders will not lose out, and council workers being put on the same footing as everyone else – pay for your own parking!

CTP Williams

Inlands Road,