Council decisions make a mockery of democracy

What a load of tosh – the idea the general public are given a choice is pure nonsense.

The public made their choice on the 20’s Plenty debate and turned it down as being unworkable. The public made their choice on the Fishbourne level crossing bridge, and yet the design is not the one that the majority asked for.

Now the public are being put through another (expensive) exploitation of public funds, when in all probability the decision has already been made!

The volume of building in and around the Chichester area has increased beyond all need and has made a mockery of the democratic process. We, the public, do not get a choice in either local or central government. The infrastructure of roads, drainage and facilities to cope with the added burden of more and more incoming people is sorely lacking.

The advent of these schemes begins to make me wonder who precisely wants them. This leads to the thought that someone, somewhere is making a lot of money out of them.

The fact that the people putting the schemes to the public are by local government/central government is not lost on Joe Public, who may wonder if someone, somewhere is getting more benefit from them than they would want to be known. Councillors are independent people but they are advised by officers.

If there is going to be an increase of some 7,000 homes the only thing in place in the area is the number of eating establishments in the city. Other than that we do not have enough flood-reducing pipework within and outside the city area. Currently the road systems are overloaded to breaking point and the councils are reducing services to below the bare minimum. The roads within the outer ring road are a shambles and all that can be done is a make-do-and-mend policy which is just not working.

When are the authorities going to wake up and smell the roses? By the time they do, there won’t be any roses.

As a final thought, there is enough land on Goodwood Estate to build the number of houses supposedly needed. Maybe the Earl of March would be kind enough to give the public the required acreage as a gift?

Les Cohen

Albert Road