Council is losing touch with taxpayers

READING the Observer (December 1) I am angered to read CDC are considering the closure of more public toilets – yet another example of how dangerously out of touch with its own raison d’etre it has become.

Yes, savings need to be made. We understand that. But in the top ten list of things we need a district authority to provide, surely public toilets are near the top. This type of service is – quite literally – what we pay them to provide.

And why only keep them open in ‘tourist hotspots’? Since when were public toilets only for the benefit of tourists? And why should businesses be asked to contribute? They are also struggling in this economic environment.

Here’s an idea: how about CDC looks a little closer to home for savings? It could start with the obscenely-opulent surroundings of its own offices at East Pallant House. Hugely extended and improved in recent years, the building looks more like the head offices of a multinational corporation than a small local council.

After that, perhaps produce a list of all the services it currently offers and ask taxpayers to prioritise which we actually want it to continue to provide. I’m fairly sure public toilets would be high on the list.

Simon Clark

North Street, Midhurst