Cycle on the road...

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Following up the letter in the Observer, Cycling awareness day, it is interesting to note bicycles are, in law, carriages (as a consequence of the Taylor v Goodwin judgement in 1879) and should be ridden on the road, not footpaths!

If cycling on the pavements, including precincts, then the fixed-penalty fine of £30 should be issued... but by whom?

Ignorance is no defence in law!

The notifications on cycling in the precinct are prominently displayed, so I don’t know how ‘improving signage’ is going to help.

Eye or intelligence tests, maybe?

While we are at addressing the present issue, let’s look at the problems of cycling without lights, both on and off the pavements.

A blatant hazard to other road users, even to those motorist who themselves have faulty lights.

Every cyclist should be made to read, or be read to, if too young or can’t read English, sections 59-92 of The Highway Code, and tested before taking to the road.

The cyclist should be issued with a certificate stating they accept and will adhere to those sections.

But who will enforce these measures, not alone the 20 is Plenty?

John Hutchings

New Park Road, Chichester