Cyclists ‘scary and dangerous’

I really do agree: cyclists should be kept off pavements – they’re scary and dangerous for us oldies.

But while we’re at it, can we please take a look at mobile scooters driven by the disabled. They sometimes drive in the road, dangerous for us motorists trying to dodge, and illegal.

But they can also be incompetent on pavements, with machines untested, heavy and dangerous, and some drivers not really fit 
to be in charge of what can be a dangerous machine under power and driven at speed.

Recently one crashed into my back while walking 
down The Hornet, full speed and no warning, hurled me to the ground, much bruising and scraped skin, but a miracle no bones were broken.

She was incompetent 
and driving an unsafe machine that she couldn’t slow down.

Three days later a serious infection broke through my skin via an abrasion she’d caused, much pain for several days, and I was hospitalised to try and cure – it’s still not mended.

They should be licensed, drivers assessed for competence to drive, their machines MOTed, and insured against such accidents.

We need to be protected from the incompetents out there driving unsafe machines, most are excellent but the dangerous few can be quite a menace.

Tony Spillard

St Agnes Place