Danger on A27

We have had several weekends of celebration at Goodwood this year, the Festival of Speed, and the Revival to name but two.

I think they are very well organised and enjoyable events.

One outcome which is very unacceptable is the traffic chaos, caused by the extra cars but exacerbated by unintelligent driving on the A27.

For some strange reason numerous drivers seem to think that they have to keep right behind the car in front even when on a roundabout.

They must be wearing blinkers because there are other drivers trying to cross the A27 north/south or south/north whom they ignore.

It can take considerable time for those people to circumnavigate the roundabout as the east/west and west/east drivers are just parked in front of them and very unwilling to leave a space for through traffic.

I know that there are no cheap solutions, but could we at least have yellow box junctions which are supposed to be kept clear for the very purpose of keeping traffic moving?

Wendy Devonshire