Dear Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing to ask you a few questions which I feel are very important.

As I am aware you have major issues to give your time to, I will keep this letter short and not go into detail of our local problems.

1 Am I right in thinking living in the UK, we live in a democracy and not a dictatorship?

2 Am I right in thinking our elected councillors should be prepared to listen to the people they represent?

3 Am I right in assuming your party does not want to lose votes in the next elections?

If I’m correct in the three points above, I think you should be aware of the enormous ill-feeling being generated within Bognor Regis and the surrounding areas.

Our MP Nick Gibb has attended several meetings about the proposed leisure strategy regeneration plans for our area, but the lack of interest shown by the Arun district councillors is to say the least appalling.

For example, in November I attended a meeting with some 250 local people who without exception expressed their disgust at the proposed sale of land to fund Arun’s proposed leisure plans and yet invited Arun District councillors failed to bother to attend.

I do not expect everyone has to agree with my views but I do expect them to at least listen to the people who help to elect them before making their decisions.

I am sad to say I find myself wondering why I have bothered to vote in the past.

I will, like a lot of other residents of this area, need a lot of persuading to vote for any of these representatives ever again.

Is this happening in other areas of the country to the same degree?

Up until now I have been proud of my country and what it has stood for but now I am becoming ashamed because if the people don’t matter, then we are surely heading towards a dictatorship.

Mrs J Black

Scott Street

Bognor Regis