Demonstration of stupidity

The photograph of the new Bishop of Chichester (Observer, November 22) was interesting.

Dr Warner’s views on ordinary women are well-known but the enthronement of the Bishop was carried out by a women priest, the Archdeacon of Canterbury.

This must present him with a problem as he does not recognise her holy orders, even though she is rightfully ordained according to the rites and protocols of the Church of England.

Does this mean he has not been properly enthroned (in his eyes), or does he change his principles to the occasion?

The whole episode demonstrates the stupidity of the bishop’s stand.

Nearly half the clergy are women and they hold many senior posts, except bishop of course.

The overwhelming majority of people, including those in Sussex, accept the ministry of women priests and most are perfectly happy with the idea of women bishops.

It was a mistake to appoint a man with the views on women to such a senior position in the church when the C of E is trying to show it is not a throw-back to the Middle Ages.

Perhaps he might reflect on the thoughts and feelings of the woman who enthroned him!

R. Simmonds