‘Deprived’ parish statistics

Can I agree with the letter published last week regarding the ‘deprived’ parish in which I have a business.

The statistics on which this assertion is made are open to interpretation. It is probably true that on the measures used we are close to the bottom, but not by any significant measure.

I have to agree that to publish this mission statement was a mistake and one that I would join your correspondent in suggesting it is withdrawn or at the very least backed up with the relevant facts. If anyone is interested, all the measures and results are on the Chichester District Council website.

Having raised this with the chairman of the parish council, I was told I did not understand the situation. I am a reasonably intelligent person and can understand statistics and when they have been used in a way that could be open to question.

It has not done the village any favours.

D H Casson

Cassons Restaurant