Deserving of acknowledgement

I write regarding your report on the Remembrance Sunday Service.

It was great to see the excellent pictures of the cadets and veterans.

Equally, the report spoke movingly of the way everyone paid tribute to the fallen.

The report mentions hymns and the national anthem were sung during the service.

What the report did not mention was Chichester City Band provided essential accompaniment to this part of the service.

I believe Chichester City Band has played at every Remembrance Sunday since the Royal Sussex Regiment was disbanded in 1966.

For my part, I have played with Chichester City Band at Remembrance Sunday for the past 24 years.

I am also very proud to be an Armed Forces veteran, serving my time with the Regimental Band of the 10th Royal Hussars.

There may also have been other organisations who did not benefit from a name check in your article.

I respectfully ask the Observer be more thorough in the way it prepares the Remembrance Sunday article in the future.

All organisations that take part in the service deserve to receive due acknowledgement.

Don Webb


Chichester City Band