Design is in worst possible taste

I am wondering what has happened to good taste in regard to planning approvals in Chichester city.

As the museum building in Tower Street now has a visible form, I am just disgusted ANYONE would think for a second the design was sympathetic with a Georgian surrounding that also has Roman and medieval influences.

I have no doubt the museum will be an enlightening place to visit, and that the interior will be beautiful, but the exterior is just diabolical.

The architects don’t appear to have wasted too much effort on their external design – it is so unimaginative.

The owners of the beautiful cottages opposite the entrance in Tower Street must be suicidal having to look out at an acre of plain concrete.

When strolling along The Woolstaplers and looking at the dignified spectre of the cathedral that has graced the city for nearly a millennium, it is impossible not to compare the architecture and gravitas of the one with the incredibly bland cardboard box design of the other.

One looks like a cathedral, the other a car park for a rehabilitation centre: £6.9m well spent?

Having lived in Chichester since 1953, it is so sad to witness the continuing rape of a dignified old lady with apparent encouragement from the very department that is supposed to protect it.

Terry Robinson,