Developers willing to ruin city as long as they make money

To all Chichester district councillors, I have seen the details of the proposed ‘development’ of Whitehouse Farm and feel obliged to write to you, our elected representatives, in protest.

The first thing of which I would like to remind you is you are elected to represent our interests, not the interests of what are supposed to be unknown hordes of people supposed to be wishing to come here.

If you allow this desecration to go ahead you will all deserve to go down in history as the instigators of the rape of Chichester for it will be nothing less than that. I certainly feel all the names of those who vote for this or allow it to happen under their noses should, in due course, be listed in a prominent place so future generations will know who committed the crime. The same goes for those other proponents like the estate agents, the developers and the ‘planners’ who are patently not lovers of Chichester.

We have seen these proposals brought to the table a number of times before – they get rejected by all and sundry and then sometime later plonked in front of us again – a typical war of attrition mounted and aided by those who have the whiff of money and/or power in their nostrils. They know many will weary of having to mount the same valid but boring defences yet again.

To anyone who lives on the St Paul’s Road side of Chichester, the infrastructure to support the Whitehouse Farm development is a joke – I wonder if those of you who live in the country have ever tried negotiating St Paul’s Road at any time, let alone a busy one. The stream of lorries and tractors is a threat to life and limb and there is no way of adequately widening the road.

I am making this a commonsense approach to you, as I know all the other more technical issues have been raised. You only have to look at the numbers (existing and proposed) to see the lovely, historic bijou city of Chichester would be completely swamped by this and other proposals (it is close to that already and a number of large-scale developments are still in progress). It was not built for such an assault.

I beg you to consider the city of Chichester which is, at present, entrusted to your keeping – please do not make a mockery of centuries of love.

Derek Gray

Worcester Road