Development at Ford will affect all parishes

Ford, Yapton and Climping have already been through developers, landowners, builders and people outside the areas, trying to impose a housing development at Ford engulfing the three parishes.

Those who want the development at Ford, in my opinion, are trying to avoid building in their areas by promoting a large housing estate at Ford and hoping it would take the emphasis off where they live.

There was no proof that the building of the estate would help employment in the future and it most certainly did not provide affordable housing as the cheapest dwelling was out of reach for the first-time buyers.

The development at Ford was opposed by the county council, the district council and the parishes after consultation with parishioners: this is called democracy.

It was considered not to be viable or sustainable and the Labour government at the time agreed with this and that the area was not suitable for development.

A large development at Ford will affect all parishes around the area, spanning out to Bognor and beyond Littlehampton, because of lack of infrastructure for the vast increase of vehicles.

We all experienced the chaos when there was an accident on the A29 recently.

Imagine up to 5,000 to 20,000 more vehicles in the area and the effect.

The infrastructure problem was not addressed by the developers at the time of the proposal of building houses on farming land at Ford.

As I understand it, each county has the responsibility to provide housing in their area and West Sussex has put forward their proposal and may not be satisfactory to some, but 500 houses, 1,500 houses in comparison to up to 20,000 proposed for Ford puts the question into perspective.

Richard Brennan

Wooldridge Walk, Climping