Disability inequality

Greg Miles’ article Call to help disabled people get to work is crucial when it comes to the availability of public transport facilitating employment opportunities.

The Observer’s concern will not only include accessing buildings, but getting to them with no personal transport.

The Chichester Access Group will be alarmed that equal opportunity legislation may be seriously compromised if cuts to local bus services go ahead.

If WSCC councillors axe Sunday and weekday evening bus services and cancel bus routes, then those with disabilities, visible and invisible, will also be unable to access any disability-friendly building and floor, if dependent on buses that no longer run.

What is the use of a disability living allowance and a disability bus pass if mobility is denied those without cars?

Joined-up thinking appears absent when it comes to the equal duty enshrined in the Disability and Discrimination Act of 1995: to provide alternative access and provision which must also include people with no personal transport to access employment.

Our Big Society has a public duty to ensure people without cars are not discriminated against.

Hopefully, Greg Miles’ article will give councillors serious pause for thought before denying a basic need: economic mobility.

Peter Lansley

Cedar Drive