Disappointment over story photographs

Having read your paper, which I do every week, I would just like to point out how disappointed I am with your article on the front page, Disabled People Face Uphill Battle (Observer, April 25).

It shows a woman struggling with a wheelchair going up the ramp; in the same photo there are people on the bridge watching and also a woman with her dog who has just finished her journey over the bridge.

On page 7 of the same edition, you have a group of people looking very disheartened at having to travel over the bridge.

But can I just point out that the woman in the wheelchair is in fact the same woman you have on the front page having just finished bringing her dog over the bridge. Is this not a bit dishonest on your part and making that story a bit of a joke?

PS – what happened to the dog?

Tracy Sexton

East Wittering