Efficient spending needed

West Sussex road policy beggars belief.

The breakdown of road surfaces is completely out of control and the so-called policy of filling potholes is incredulous.

The council will dispatch a road crew to fill in one pothole, but they are unable to fill in three more adjacent potholes because they are ‘not yet big enough’.

The result is the underlying fabric of our whole road system is breaking down to such an extent that the base is breaking through, requiring total shellac hot resurfacing.

If you want to see a fine example of this try driving round Shore Road in Bosham, but you may well end up damaging your suspension or writing off a tyre or two.

The council it seems would rather risk being sued and paying out compensation rather than spending taxpayers’ money on the roads.

What we really need is a top-down change in management who will spend our limited budgets more efficiently.

Michael Mountstephen

Chichester (address supplied)