EU devastation

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THE DEVASTATION the EU inflicts upon our financial wellbeing is accepted by all but the most ardent Europhiles.

Less well known is that, from May 1, we will witness one of the greatest infringements ever experienced on our human rights, democratic freedoms, and health choices.

Because of the imposition of an EU diktat, we will no longer have the freedom to choose ‘natural health products’ or the right to decide what supplements we wish to eat, drink, or medicate, to responsibly manage our own health.

Thousands of beneficial ‘natural’ foods, herbs and supplements, many that have been proven to be ‘safe and effective’ for centuries and commonly used, will be banned and removed from our shops.

The potency of others, that will be permitted to remain, will be so drastically reduced in potency they will be virtually ineffective.

Thousands of people, across Europe, rely on herbal remedies to keep them out of their doctors’ surgeries and, in the case of the UK, avoid becoming a burden on our National Health Service.

Thus, at the instigation of unelected Brussels bureaucrats many now perfectly healthy people will probably become ill.

Ah, I hear you say, when one becomes ill a doctor can provide a remedy produced by one of the pharmaceutical companies, but these contain artificial ingredients that, unlike natural remedies, can have unpleasant and detrimental side effects.

Surely, it is better to avoid becoming ill in the first place which is the reason why many take natural supplements?

The above is just one example of the wickedness of our EU masters.

Your readers may not be aware of the most recent act of stupidity by the Coalition government which was, on the day of the budget, buried in the small print.

Whether or not they understood this, almost all Tory MPs, including Andrew Tyrie MP, voted in favour of the UK being forced to join the euro – not immediately, but eventually.

When leader of the Conservative Party William Hague compared membership of the euro to being stuck in a burning building with no exits.

Surely the people of Greece, Ireland and Portugal will soon realize there is an exit which is to ditch the euro?

When in opposition, David Cameron declared that he would make a bonfire of red-tape.

In answer to a question in the House of Lords, within the last couple of weeks, the government confirmed that not one EU regulation has been rescinded.

Furthermore, the Agency Workers Regulations, that come into force in October, will add just under £2bn a year to our EU red tape burden.

Add that £2bn to the £120bn which, according to the Taxpayers Alliance, EU regulations are costing British firms annually.

David Cameron has just signed an amendment to the EU Treaty Creating a European Financial Stability Mechanism under which we may have to stump up £5bn to help out Portugal.

I thought we were promised a referendum on whether or not we should ditch the pound for the euro or any Treaty amendments?

Our Westminster parliament cannot repeal an EU regulation without the permission of the EU Commission and such permission is as rare as hen’s teeth.

In order to regain our independence, and right to govern ourselves, there is one simple action our parliamentary MPs can, and must, take, and that is to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act, which would release the UK from membership of the European Union.

How anyone who wants the UK to maintain its EU membership, particularly members of our parliament, can sleep at night with a clear conscience is beyond my comprehension.

Derek Hunnikin

St Leodegar’s Way, Hunston