Face reality of life

What a really good article from Jan Cosgrove (It’s Your Shout).

I fear we have an ongoing fight on our hands to protect children in this country, and I will most certainly be supporting Tim Loughton in his efforts to bring about an independent enquiry.

I was also infuriated by Nick Clegg’s remarks on the subject: we are governed in this country by politicians who seem incapable of reaching the man in the street and of understanding what makes us lesser mortals tick.

Why am I so surprised when the three most powerful men running the country have no insight into the fear of being made redundant, of losing their homes or faced a winter cold and hungry, have never lain in their beds dreading the quiet sinister opening of the bedroom door when others are sound asleep?

I would like Messrs Cameron, Clegg and Osborne to spend six months working in the area of child abuse and to look into the eyes of the abused child – what they would see is total despair and fear, or even worse, nothing.

Then they might realise the extent of the damage that is done to these children, but as a child does not have a vote, it will always be seen as a problem for others to sort out and try to put right.

It’s time for these three men to grow up and face the reality of life, and leave the sensational topics to the so-called celebrity culture that appears to have a greater attraction for them than real people.

Unless the government addresses real issues that concern the general public such as the economy, the NHS, the lack of jobs, they will most certainly lose the election.

Not that I would feel very confident about either of the other main parties being any great improvement.

Maura Field

Grosvenor Road