Fears over sewage

LAVANT Parish Council is extremely concerned regarding the discharge of sewage into the River Lavant and Chichester Harbour, with particular reference to the outline planning permission given to Hunters Rest (LV/11/03912/OUT) and the indication from Taylor Wimpey that they will be submitting an application for 85 houses on the land north of Summersdale.

To this end, Lavant Parish Council has written to Southern Water and the body of the text is as follows:

Based on the article in the Chichester Observer (July 12, 2012), regarding the necessity to discharge sewage into the River Lavant at Singleton caused by the sewers in the Singleton area reaching maximum levels, Lavant Parish Council would like clarification as to why Southern Water withdrew its objection to the Hunters Rest 9LV/11/03912/OUT) planning application.

It is clear that any development in this area, does not have the infrastructure to support it.

Lavant Parish Council believes that you should now object to Hunters Rest until there is 100 per cent proof that there will no longer be a need to dispose of waste water from above and below Lavant, into the River Lavant or into Chichester Harbour.

Alan Dickinson


Lavant Parish Council