Flushed with anger

I DON’T believe it. I had heard that it was going to happen but really didn’t believe that the Chichester District Council would close the toilets by the council offices.

It is outrageous. The hundreds of people that use the car park need a toilet when they arrive or before leaving, unless they have a five-gallon bladder capacity.

It was bad enough that the toilets in East Street, Selsey, were closed.

They were in a central position near the car park and used all the time.

Does the council ever take into consideration the needs of the general public?

The closing of these toilets and others is a disgrace.

We often use these toilets and there were always people going in and out.

We pay for the parking, so why shouldn’t we expect to have a toilet facility?

If you need to use it, you want it now, not to have to walk ten minutes to find one.

How would visitors know where they are?

I think that the people of Selsey and Chichester have been badly let down by Chichester District Council. You take enough council tax from us!

Please change your minds and give both Selsey and Chichester back their toilets.

Everyone who agrees with me, please write to Chichester District Council and tell councillors how you feel.

Kay Everrett (Mrs),

Broad View,