Following the snail

MS LANCHESTER last week raised issues about the snails of Pagham.

If evolution has been good enough for the snails to adapt to the sea and Pagham harbour, one feels justified in advancing the lesson for the impatient populace of Pagham.

It took the snails some aeons, but I hope the Paghamoanians can evolve somewhat more rapidly.

You see, the snail developed its own portable home in response to losing its terrestrial fixed site.

Either a caravan, or more sensibly considering the marine dimension, a houseboat?

Then as ‘managed retreat’ (a term used by our esteemed coastal engineers) rules the waves or vice versa, the perplexed people of Pagham will see their problems simply ‘float away’ (along with the greenhouse possibly) while they rise on the tide, safe and sound. People happy, molluscs relieved.

However, this theory needs some testing so I suggest a fish tank with said snails be slowly filled with water and a toy house set upon a small stone, plus a model houseboat and caravan next to this.

Col RA Bidd,