Forgotten the past?

The Aldmonington greenhouse project was stopped because of the people who live nearby objecting on all sorts of ‘odd’ grounds.

Traffic problems?

The light pollution?

Lots of unwanted foreigners passing the Hallowed Halls of Almodington?

This area had hundreds of migrant workers from the north of England during the Great Depression.

The Manhood peninsula was full of green houses that gave these poor people a new start in life and money and food to raise their families.

As for the light pollution, there won’t be any as this firm does not use them.

The 106 money the investors would pay the council could be a lifesaver in these hard times.

How can people sleep at night in the knowledge 65 jobs are down the drain because of a dislike of greenhouses?

If that’s the case, why live on the land settlements at all – or do the upper crust of The Manhood Society fear people from strange lands will come and put the lifeblood back into a very rundown area.

Alice Crandford