Friends have yet to agree on support

I WAS surprised to read your leading article in the current edition entitled ‘Innovative plans for Priory Park praised’. It adds that ‘the Friends of Priory Park welcomed revised plans for the area’.

I am a long-term member of the Friends of Priory Park and a regular attendee at its meetings. At the last meeting of the Friends on December 5 we were told by the chairman, Richard Plowman, he had failed in all his attempts to raise money to replace the derelict white pavilion in the park and there was nothing more to say at the moment; the next meeting of the Friends would not be until March 6. He did not mention any other plans. The new plan from the Chichester Conservation Area Advisory Committee has not therefore been discussed or voted upon by the Friends.

I would be grateful if you would correct this misunderstanding.

Ann Hampton

East Walls Close,