Global warming is the biggest lie of all time

Do we need a solar panel farm at Lavant? No. Nor do we need any windfarms anywhere. Not onshore or offshore... Global warming is the biggest lie in the history of the universe.

In the past 50 years, average world temperatures have increased by just half of one per cent and in the past 16 years there has been no increase at all. Governments – particularly ours – love the idea of global warming and use it as an excuse to screw money out of us in the name of ‘green taxes’. The interfering EU is a keen supporter for the same reason: thievery by name of green taxes.

Our country produces just two per cent of the world’s carbon dioxide and yet is working the hardest to reduce it, driven by the government and by green zealots. Nobody else is as keen, and the biggest polluters, China, India and America, are not even trying.

If our government could get away from the concept of being green equals easy taxation, there are two things they could do which would provide low CO2 and would actually work to produce electric power.

Instead of wasting money on countryside destroying inefficient windfarms, they should invest money by having designers produce generators worked by the tides. These can work for 20 hours a day – every day, not the near-useless average of five hours a day from windfarms.

The second, and more important thing is to obtain gas from extreme depths in shale currently referred to as fracking. America has led the way, and we should copy their success.

This gas produces very little CO2 and costs one third of the price of the gas we currently use. This would allow shut-down industries to reopen and we could produce just about anything cheaper than places like China.

Philip Pratley

Walnut Avenue