Good journalism

So much has been heard about poor journalism with the phone-hacking scandal of the News of the World.

While this issue is not to be belittled, it is worth saying, how many of us actually appreciate good journalism when we see it? How many of us have thanked reporters who often work long and dedicated hours to serve their community newspapers?

Challenged by this thought, we’d like to take the opportunity to publicly appreciate reporter Kevin Smith of the Observer, who has always been so straightforward to deal with; his writing has been free of errors and he has been nothing but supportive of the free debt counselling service we offer in Bognor Regis.

Through the articles he has produced, people in our area suffering with extreme poverty have found relief and kindness and on occasions it has even saved the lives of people whose finances have driven them to despair.

On behalf of us and all the local organisations you help to publicise, keep doing what you’re doing. We need a good newspaper and we’re glad to have you.

Caroline Creese

Bognor Regis Centre manager

Christians Against Poverty,

Waterloo Square, Bognor Regis