Graylingwell anger

IT IS NICE to hear that people, or should I say outsiders, are so pleased with the current and continuing destruction of the Graylingwell grounds.

Having been born in and lived in Chichester all of my life (I’m now 43) and played sport on the football and cricket pitches as well as enjoyed the area for running or simply walking, I am, and have been, completely and utterly disgusted with the whole thing from the outset.

I find the total lack of respect for the animal and plant life staggering.

I live at Barnfield Drive and for more than 20 years have enjoyed seeing the vast variety of species of birds along with deer and foxes, an amazing experience; these animals have lived in those grounds for many, many generations, but who cares about them when there’s money to be made?

Having expressed my concerns at the ripping out of the hedgerows to one of the sales team at one of their open days he very limply said that they’d be putting in some trees.

Everybody knows that birds need hedges not only for nesting and feeding but also for cover and protection from predators, so simply putting in a few trees doesn’t quite compensate for the complete loss of these essential areas! Still, who cares about a few birds, eh? Nobody, obviously!

Also, having seen the design of much of the accommodation I can’t imagine that it’s really aimed at families at all, as they seem to be bedsit-type, all-in-one rooms.

The majority of these properties will be bought up by people from outside the area as second homes and leased out.

It’s ironic that one of the residents interviewed said that there’s ‘so much to do in the area’ when the very fact they are living where they are has helped to destroy one of the most beautiful, almost secret, areas of the city and taken away one of those places of activity.

However, it’s almost not their fault, but the council for allowing it to happen in the first place.

Still, it is an eco-town, whatever the hell that means.

I can’t quite equate destruction with eco.

What do I know?

I must be thick – I just call it greed!

N Hanmore,