Hall help is at hand

I READ with some concern your piece (Observer, January 26) about the high costs charged to hall users (‘Rise in hall fees could spell the end of small clubs’).

I note some halls are increasing charges, especially halls owned by councils.

Here in East Wittering our village hall, which is a not-for-profit registered charity, charges £28 for morning, afternoon or evening sessions during the weekday and £36 per session on Saturdays.

This is nothing like the £1,000 mentioned in the article given for, what I assume, is a couple of days for the camera club exhibition.

Our budget for this year just covers our costs with these charges.

Our village hall has recently been refurbished and we have been fortunate enough to receive grants to enable us to now proceed with the construction of a fully-accessible (disabled) toilet and baby-changing facility.

The hall is consequently up to a good standard for all of our community users at what we believe are reasonable charges.

Michael Pettman

Chairman, East Wittering Village Hall Management Committee