Heather’s help

IN HER inaugural column, Heather Caird listed a number of issues she hopes to achieve across the district despite the limited resources available to local government.

One of these is a critical issue which impacts all affected, but is of particular concern among our youngest adults, the issue of work.

I was with Heather on April 30 at a meeting which discussed this extensively. Finding work for young people, particularly those who have no previous working experience or who lack the appropriate level of training, is vital for all of us. The young people concerned will clearly benefit if they can find work, and most businesses find an injection of new ideas, even from people with limited experience to be a great help.

Finally, society at large is able to reduce the cost of the various benefits which would otherwise be paid out. Often the training needed to bridge this gap is relatively accessible, but does depend on local employers communicating with training providers. One of these is Chichester College who were also at the meeting with Heather and I.

If any employers would like to discuss this further they can speak to Mo, Damien, Debbie or Sue on 01243 786321. I know they will get

a warm reception if they pick up

the phone.

Ian Chisnall

Prospective Independent Police & Crime Commissioner for Sussex