Help farm animal

It’s really hard when food prices are rising and we are being squeezed so hard economically to add farm animal welfare to our list of ‘must haves’ when we shop.

But good farm animal welfare doesn’t have to cost a lot more – indeed new research shows the cost of a shopping basket of higher-welfare food against a basket containing similar standard products, can mean as little as just over £5 more – that’s less than the price of a box of chocolates and a small price to pay for helping to improve the lives of our farm animals.

This week is Farm Animal Week (July 25-31). The RSPCA’s farm animal welfare charity, Freedom Food is asking us all to ‘Switch one for Welfare’ when we shop.

Many of you have stopped buying eggs from hens kept in battery cages – but this week why not go one step further and look for labels such as Freedom Food on products like sausages, chicken and salmon too. It will leave a better taste in your mouth.

Happy cooking and eating!

Antony Worrall Thompson