Help with arthritis

I WAS wondering if any readers might find my booklet interesting and helpful?

Six years ago I suffered severely with arthritis in my spine. As I seemed to have a bad reaction to all my doctor’s medication, I was told to come off‘all that had been prescribed. I was left in total agony and unable to walk with a specialist’s appointment six weeks hence.

My daughter sent me a book about treating arthritis a drug-free way and I immediately started to follow its suggestions. Within one week I was up and about, and three months later I was completely free of pain. I didn’t need that specialist’s appointment!

I decided to write a booklet about my experience in order to help others who find themselves in the same predicament.

If anyone would like a copy then perhaps they’d like to visit my website or ring me on 01706 344429.

Sarah Gall

Hawthorn Rd,